Posada Just Can’t Cut It Anymore

The average person is lucky to make a decent income after going to school. Of course, this does not apply to baseball players who often make millions of dollars a year playing a game. One of the most overpaid and overrated baseball players is Jorge Posada. Here are three reasons why this is true.

No heart: After playing for so long, Jorge Posada lost the will to play. This often happens when a baseball player makes his millions of dollars and wants to concentrate on spending time with family and friends.

No good: Now, Read the rest of this entry »

Where Is The Yankees Leadership When They Need It

The New York Yankees have become known as The Evil Empire just about everywhere outside of New York City, and they have just as many haters as they do fans.

The 2013 season began with uncertainty and confusion, and the Yankees found themselves at the bottom of a talented stack of teams. So where’s the leadership when they need it? This is a simple concept that has quickly gained momentum, and if manager Joe Girardi is not Read the rest of this entry »

The Yankees Lose Again To Boston

“The Yankees lose to the Red Sox” is a line that a Boston area sports’ fan loves to hear on the local evening news. The Yankees are the evil empire and Red Sox fans love it when their team can take it out on the hated rivals from New York City.

The Yankees – Red Sox rivalry is one of the best in sports and it is also one of the most heated. Yankees and Red Sox fans genuinely dislike each other and this makes for a lot of trash talk when the teams Read the rest of this entry »

What Free Agent Are The Yankees Going To Steal Next

With the current baseball season coming to its halfway point, many New York Yankees fans are wondering who they are going to target next year. New York has always been the talk of the town due to their massive payroll size. With a few critical needs in the upcoming 2013 baseball season, here are some names that the Yankees may be targeting:

Cole Hamels: This Philadelphia stud has been pitching lights out this year. Probably demanding more than 20 Read the rest of this entry »

With Their Payroll The Yankees Should Win Every Year

The New York Yankees have long been esteemed and regarded as baseball royalty. How many pennants have they won? Is it twenty-six World Series titles or twenty seven? Their level of success is absurd. The New York Yankees, however, are no fun to watch. They lack the type of spirit and workhorse magic that other baseball teams inspire. Every single year the Yankees have the highest payroll in the major leagues; it tops off somewhere above 200 million dollars. How is that a level playing field? Most teams have a tiny fraction of that Read the rest of this entry »

What Actress Is Arod Dating Now

“Some men have all the luck,’ sung Rod Stewart. According to legend, Stewart was singing about Mick Jagger but today he could be singing about A-rod, aka Alex Rodriquez. A-rod, 35 and already makes more money than the combined GNP of South America, has hit home runs with some of most sought after women of this generation, including Madonna, Golden Globe winning actress Kate Hudson and his latest flame, actress Cameron Diaz, 38.

If one placed photos of Diaz and Hudson side by side, it-s tempting to think the two had been separated at birth. Perhaps A-rod just gets his Read the rest of this entry »

Why Arod And Jeter Just Can’t Get Along

The New York Yankees are the baseball media’s darling. For this reason, anything and everything they do is under close scrutiny from fans all over the world. With the team under a constant microscope, one big question always comes to mind: Why can’t Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez get along?

These are two of the best players of all time at their respective positions. Jeter recently joined the three thousand hit club, while Rodriguez is widely known for his homerun-hitting power. The fact that they are Read the rest of this entry »

A Few More Things to Hate About the Yankees

From a lack of direct tv service coverage areas to the crime rates and the traffic there are a lot of things to hate about New York. The Yankees top our list, of course, but we’d like to give you a few more reasons why. Because why not?
Cost of Concessions: We get it, New York is expensive but do the Yankees really need 14 for a HOT DOG? And don’t get us started on the cost of beerit’s just Read the rest of this entry »

Yankees Starting Pitching Lets Them Down Again

Well after another series with the Boston Red Sox the Yankees Starting Pitching Lets Them Down Again. The rivalry between the two teams has not lost any steam over the years. The Yankees which for years stood at the helm of the Eastern Division seem to have lost some of their fervor and their sportsmanship. The team may have forgotten how to play for the love of the sport, or maybe they forgot the good sportsmanship that makes a team a happy place to be. Read the rest of this entry »

When Will Jeter Be A Leader And Move Positions

There is little argument as to who the most popular player on the Yankees is, and do not think for a second that Derek Jeter is not aware of this. He has used his popularity to gain a 189 million dollar, ten year contract. But with that contract about to expire, it will be interesting to see if his popularity will overcome his lack of performance on the field.

There has been much talk of Jeter changing positions. His current position at short-stop requires a level of skill that thirty-six year old Jeter clearly can Read the rest of this entry »

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